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Wonderful Crazy Night [2016/Deluxe CD]

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Elton John's 33rd studio album, co-produced by Elton with T-Bone Burnett and recorded and mixed at the Village in Los Angeles.

Available worldwide on 5 February, 2016, all pre-order customers will instantly receive MP3 downloads of the album's first two singles, "Looking Up" and the title track, "Wonderful Crazy Night".

Track Listing

  1. Wonderful Crazy Night
  2. In The Name Of You
  3. Claw Hammer
  4. Blue Wonderful
  5. I've Got 2 Wings
  6. A Good Heart
  7. Looking Up
  8. Guilty Pleasure
  9. Tambourine
  10. The Open Chord
  11. Free And Easy
  12. England And America

The Deluxe version includes a sprawling 16-page extended booklet containing gorgeous photos of Elton both in and out of the studio.

Also available in Standard CD, Vinyl, and Super Deluxe box set.

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