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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Deluxe Framed Record

$272.81 (CAD)


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This limited edition numbered art collectible was available for purchase for 72 hours-only from noon EDT on April 1, 2014, as part of the celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Measuring 21" by 21", it features a relief printing of Ian Beck's iconic album artwork alongside a replica gold record, a reproduction of Elton's signature and a commemorative placard.

What People Are Saying About Their Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Framed Record

"A masterpiece, well worth the investment!"
"Just moved into a new home. It was the first item placed and hung on the wall. Thank you."
"I think it's a great piece. I love it!"
"Thanks so much for making something so beautiful like this available!"
"The record is framed very nice and will make a great gift for my girlfriend!"
"It is absolutely beautiful!"
"Outstanding item!"
"Nice piece, I do not regret buying it."
"It's a fantastic item and is the right size to be placed on a wall in a theater room or office or special place in your room. Great job team Elton."
"It is a stunning piece and a welcomed addition to my ever-growing Elton collection."
"First class item."