And This Is Me: Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 13 November, 2020

Coinciding with the release of the updated paperback edition of Me, and taken from the 8-disc CD box set ‘Jewel Box’, ‘And This Is Me’ celebrates the songs mentioned by name by Elton in his acclaimed memoir, closing with the Elton and Bernie Taupin’s 2020 Academy Award winning ‘(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again’ -a duet with Taron Egerton.

12.4 x 12.28 x .24"

LP1 - Side A
1. Empty Sky
2. Lady Samantha
3. Border Song
4. My Father's Gun

LP1 - Side B
1. All The Nasties
2. I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself
3. Philadelphia Freedom
4. Song For Guy

LP2 - Side A
1. Sartorial Eloquence
2. Elton's Song
3. Cold As Christmas
4. I Fall Apart

LP2 - Side B
1. Amazes Me
2. The Last Song
3. American Triangle
4. I'm Gonna Love Me Again


Vinyl LP